Spandex, bums, sweat and miles

I ran the MTN marathon, for the very first time last Sunday. Was I fit? Nowhere near that? Did I go the whole nine yards? Sure thing. Do I feel great? Definitely. Was it fun? You bet.



The evening before the race as I laid out my kit, I could feel the excitement building up despite the teasing from my friends that I would never make it to the finish line (this has a lot to do with my procrastination on exercising…sigh…sigh).

But what choice did I have? I was to discover on that day that it was pretty hard to give up along the route. What with the cars that had blocked all the branch off roads! And all those unfit looking people that make one feel… if that one can do it why not me! And the children!

As my steps got slower and slower, I could see the bodas on the sidelines staring at runners like me, their eyes wishing the next step was the last and “boda” was on our lips.

But no, I persisted, trotting then walking occasionally with my friend Pauline, whose long strides made a few curse words pass my lips silently. Thinking about covering what looked like an impossible distance of 10kms with each step was quite troubling.

The occasional joke by some runners made the run quite interesting…“make way for the Kenyans” was a popular pronouncement that caused a chuckle. Some runners turned it all into a comical spectacle running in zigzag or cracking jokes. Between deep breaths and panting, I found a moment to laugh. But truth be told, it is no mean feat to catch a joke with sweat running down your face and your heart trying to race out of your body.

The water points were quite a relief and boy was I glad I hadn’t worn any make up that day as I doused my body with water. Never have I been so thankful for water. Don’t ask me who wears make up to a run; you should have seen some of the chics!

If the makeup didn’t catch your eye, one thing you couldn’t miss is the booty that was on that track. Oh my! The hips and bottoms did their own race with each step some runners made. You don’t want your children or partner running behind a gifted chic in Spandex, trust me. I must confess that staring at the bountiful bottoms and hips kept me going each meter I covered.

A marathon of thoughts played out in my mind…Oh my Gosh, if the pants split right now… Oh my! What a gifted piece of #@*%… Eh! Can someone really have all that booty…Eeeee how can someone have all that and yet I barely have any…so unfair!…Bananage how did that even fit in those pants… Wow…now that’s some awesome booty…Hah this one is as if in a music video…. Okay!Flora get back into the race…And then just like that I was at the finish line in 1:50:36.

#UgBlogWeek Day 1




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ugbloc says:

    Hahaha… who knew Flora had such thoughts!!! Well done for enduring!


    1. Duksey says:

      There is more just wait, 6 days to go

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mediasurgen says:

    Happy you were not tempered to use your boda money.
    You are a determined woman ..but then I remember seeing you do stretches besides the stage before the run


    1. Duksey says:

      You are like a fly on the wall or what? lolest

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahah “Make way for Kenyans” is a nice one.
    My favorite and my friends and I grace marathons is, “Elite runner coming through…” because we always mean business! No jokes.

    Congrats Flora! Imagine feeling like that every other day or daily! You can easily take on the world like that!

    Keep at it!


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